Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve morning 2015

Merry Christmas!

As I am trying to get ready to get this house in shape, I started with dishes, which brought me to the window over the sink.  I realized that this window could be the window to my soul.  Well, at least my scrapbook.   Sure, it looks like a garbage dump to the untrained eye, but see what I see....
The Hubs said, "you are NOT putting winebottles in the window!"  Well, yes, I am.  At least for a bit.  I LOVE light bouncing through that blue glass.  Its cheap, and easy, and I drank the wine just for the ambiance of those bottles in the window.  (Not really, but it makes you smile, right?) There is something about the variations of light coming through cobalt blue that makes me smile.  OK, so maybe not the classiest thing, but worth their weight.  Just wanted to explain those first thing.
 The white poisettia bloom is one that accidentially got broken off my plant this year. It was the best bloom on the plant and I couldn't just throw it away yet.  So its been in a vase my friend Maureen made, (she's a potter and we traded art!)for about two weeks.  then comes a little pot I made for my mom in about 5th grade.   The smiley face is also a piece Maureen made, its an egg separator, and although I have used it a couple times, I love it for FACE value.  It makes me smile.  Then comes the antique bottle The Hubs found and cleaned up.  An old candle cup filled with rocks from a beach is used as a starter for plant starts.  Hanging here is an glass blown angel which has a magical story of its own that I should tell you sometime.  The bauble is from my friend Shells in Australia that catches the sun and bounces light all over the kitchen.
The Green heart on the window is a something that came to me after we did our first reno to the house.  Its been through a lot, this heart, this house, and our hearts.  The little copper one that hangs with it, reminds me of my parents roots in the Copper Country.  There are a couple little clear bottles that I have visions for future craft projects.  The ball jar lids will be on some jars for treats in a day or two.  The coffee cup is self designed and was a fundraiser at work. I gave it to Hubs for Valentines Day this year, but its nice of him to let me dry my paintbrushes in it.  That little bottle has a metal plate inside that says "Let your Light Shine" and it reminds me daily.  Way over is a little brass candle holder that was made by my son Trent, at a museum, on a school field trip.  I remember his face when he brought it home to me.  Hanging by the white ribbon is my chi piece.  Its a piece I bought on a beautiful artsy daytrip Hubs and I took a while back.  Chi hanging in your window is  supposed to allow all good vibrations in.
The sunflower hanging in my window was made for me by my friend Terri and sent as a gift.  The four rocks are all made from miliflori, and found on an anniversary trip we made.  The only way you see their personality is with light bouncing through them.  The blue pot?  Yep, that cobalt thing again, and the daisy is a solar dancer and just reminds me to smile.

So, what looks like a garbage dump of sorts, have all perfectly logical reasons to be.... I am just catching on that the light plays a big meaning in much of what I see.  Things that maybe aren't so pretty, are pretty within when shone through with the light.  Hmmm... getting deep, but there is a meaning in there somewhere.  Now that I have explained all that, I should get back to the dishes.  There is a holiday coming up, ya know.

Only the strong take glimpses in my brain... congrats, you just made it through one.  Stay tuned.

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