Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13, 2015

I have a creative, artsy, guardian angel.  I am sure of it.  There are times that my art is better than others and I have these creative ideas that I don't know where they come from.  But POOF! there is art and its really good, and OMG, I had to get up in the middle of the night to do it!

Like this:
 And this!

I have had the hankering to do them for a couple of days, and then took a quick buzz over to the garden center to photograph some.  Then I got up in the middle of the night to do the red one.  The white one this morning.  Thank you to my artist angel for all her (or his) help.  I absolutely love them.

Maybe paint isn't the medium I should work with.... maybe its colored pencil.  The last thing I did though that I felt help with was a painting, and before that, angel pins.  Ok, ok, so we are diversified.

Never know what is going to come next.... fun, isn't it?  Stay tuned!

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