Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday June 23, 2014

Wow, June  is going fast!  One week away from July!
Seem to be finishing up some things, and bits and pieces instead of any large great works.  Have some exhibitions I am going to get into, and may try my hand at Plein Aire painting in an event in July.  Thats exciting and scary at the same time.

Remember this?

Well I finally got the resin on it and painted the edges and it looks like this:
Hoping to do more of these.  I really like it.

Worked on a piece for an art exhibition, not happy with the results so starting from square one.  Here is the beginning of the Bonsai project... this is pen and ink and colored pencil... It got worse from here.  Next try will be in paint.
In a way, I like the challenge of having an "assignment" for an exhibition, because its usually something I hadn't thought of to do, so its stretching my abilities.

Still working on an old pole lamp. Thought I was done with it, but broke a switch and we need to do some mechanical/electrical work on it.  Dang.

Well thats an update.  Sorry it seems like I am just throwing stuff up here,  hopefully will have some substantial and meaningful art here soon.  Stay tuned.

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