Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15, 2014 Fathers Day

Ah, it was nice to have one of our sons home for the weekend.  He took his Dad out golfing this morning and its been an awesome weather weekend.  The other son lives too far away to just zip home for the weekend, but sure we'll get a call before the day is out.  Neither The Hubs nor I have our Fathers around anymore, but we still think of them today. Our advice:  Hug 'em if ya Got 'em, folks! And Happy Fathers Day to everyone.

Anyways, Here is what the weekend brought:

A funny sign on the way to the Farmers Market yesterday...

  A project I have been working on... a recycled tray and glued in wine corks (no I didn't drink ALL those, I had donations from friends!

The table that I finished last summer, let go on a seam. (DANGIT!) and we had to cinch, glue and bracket it back together.  It took all three of us!

 Finished this painting of a fawn in the bushes.  I like the eyes much better now, but my son says it looks like a kangaroo. OH well.

Finished my wooden flag and got it up on the garage for Flag Day yesterday.

Besides that, and the regular chores, I was able to ship the corn hole game off to the interested party and work on the pole lamp and the rocking horse a little.  Neither are done or even showable at this point so stay tuned!

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  1. I see your son's point about the kangaroo, but maybe from certain angles deer just look like kangaroos! I like what you did with the eyes. They looked a little narrowed before, like the deer was suspicious. :-) Glad you had a good Father's Day. We're off to Illinois tomorrow so I can have a belated one with my dad (well, that's not the reason, but we're bringing some gifts).


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