Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday April 29, 2012

We have been taking care of our granddog lately while my son has been called away for a little bit of business and a little fun.  Shes still a puppy - german shepherd mix, and a little smaller than a regular german shepherd.  He has her trained well, and she is a sweetie.   Our other son has a pug mix (both of these dogs are rescues) you might remember that I painted him awhile back.  Both of these dogs are soooo lovable.

Anyway, Luna always loves it outside, keeping us safe from any vicious squirrel or bird.  It rained on Sunday and she STILL wanted to be out.  I was watching her out in the back yard, and you know how the rain greens up the grass and makes everything a little more colorful?  Well I was thinking that with her black fur she would look pretty with a red umbrella.  I thought I only had a green one, but I thought I could PAINT a red one.  I went to the closet, and lo and behold, a BRAND NEW RED one!  Meant to be, right? (where did THAT come from?)

Well, she wasn't thrilled about being under the umbrella, but she didn't mind just sitting in the wet grass, so I took that picture, and one of her cowering under the umbrella, and with the magic of PAINT, I was able to put her under it.

The umbrella was harder than the dog.  It looks like my brand new red umbrella is broken.  But that magic paint only goes so far, ya know?  But I don't want to mess with it anymore than I have, so its staying.   I am pretty happy with what I learned doing it...

PS: Here is the other painting of our other granddog, Roscoe:

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