Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 27,2012

I think part of being an artist is the ability to see the beauty of something and feeling a connection with it.   I do that a lot with God's green earth and there is just things in nature that you just can't reproduce, I don't care how good of an artist you are! 
Like the sky on the way home from work the other night was very colorful. The remnants of the rainy fall day left just enough clouds to pick up the color of the setting sun.  The leaves had turned and the sun was casting long shadows across the farmers field, illuminating the colors of the trees to "BAM! Kick them up a notch"!  I tried to take a photo, but it just didn't record on digital like the breathtaking scene I was seeing.  I thought maybe I could paint it and put those colors back in, but then I realized I would be trying to copy work of the Master.  And I knew I would fall short.
Living life being able to "smell the roses" sure doesn't get you to places on time, and I have been known to stop the car, get out and just say, "Ahhhh.  Thank you for this beauty."  I hope that my husband, and kids, and people I have been around, that have had to stop WITH me, have maybe learned to see what I am seeing rather than worry about where we were supposed to be and at what time.
I marvel at the patterns of pinecones, and plants, and the perfect geometry of everyday living things: acorns, butterflies and leaves, and it wasn't man-made with a protractor or ruler, but with nature!  A dragonfly's wings, the pattern of color on a Mallard duck.  (Have you really LOOKED at the color PURPLE there? and if you haven't checked out the markings on a live pheasant, you should.) The way a fall tree can be green, yellow, gold, orange, red, fuchsia, and violet all in the same tree?  Sometimes I will sit and watch the sunset and try to name all the colors.  I can't!  I think there are some that don't have names!
I once saw a ditch on a country road full of purple thistles as big as softballs.  I had to pull over a snap a pic. As deadly as those would be if you were to pick them, the beauty of them were awesome!
 I also tend to be a cloud watcher.  Not necessarily big white, fluffy, friendly ones either.  There is beauty in the dark, nasty ones too.
I will bow to the Master, as His work will always outshine everyone elses, and try as I might, I concede to never be as good, but am grateful that He gave me the gift that I have and the eyes to see His work and all its glory

OH, AND BY THE WAY... you know how just the other day I was bragging about the new computer?  Well, its actually a new one to me but refurbished from my dear son who we will call the System Administrator.  He is a whiz at these things, but he only comes home on the weekends.  This isn't allowing me to download the pics I want, but promise I will download when possible.  Until then, have a Happy Halloween!

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