Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

So here are the other glasses I did for the auction.  I wanted to do famous cartoon dogs and cats on them, and ended up not doing that because I worried about copyrights, even though I got them on the website that said they were bought to be put on public domain.  I just don't know enough about that not to get myself in trouble.  Its not like I was mass producing it, and I donated my paint and time on them.  But I took the safe way and did these this way. 
My next project, I believe, will probably be one of two barns.  Or my sisters new dog, who just has a beautiful face!  She is a boxer mix that was a rescue.  She cowarded away from everyone and had no idea what toys were, so its safe to assume she had been mistreated.  She is learning to be loved by my sister and her hubby now, and if I can get a good photo of her sometime soon, I have to do her sweet face.

Tomorrow will be 10.11.12!   For some reason that just makes me go, "hmmmm."

Stay tuned!

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