Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14, 2012

New computer, new printer, new PhotoShop abilities. (All the PhotoShop abilities are new to me but I can start learning NOW!)
Back when I was into Photography, I did my own black and white darkroom work.  I used to think that even though you could be creative with your camera, your creativity could be kicked up a level in the darkroom.  Double exposures, lights and darks, and special effects could do so much more for your plain pictures.
SO, the new darkroom part is PhotoShop.  I have not worked on this before, but I have done a lot of Print Artist, and the like before, which are graphics programs to let you do flyers, cards, stickers, iron ons, etc and I have had a blast doing certificates, tee-shirts, countless flyers, countless cards and the like for YEARS!  So this new door opening where I have heard could do so much more for me is intriging.  I understand that there are layers, (I use layers when I draw in Auto Cad. so can draw on that experience.)

But today, as blustery as it was, I must have heard the wind in my sleep, because I just had to get busy and paint this today:  I think I like it.

I actually have about 3 or 4 other things running around in my head, but this was last in and first out. I really don't know how that works.
Well, until another day! 

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