Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Feb. 24, 2016

SNOW DAY!  Or at least part of one.  You didn't expect me to go back to work after falling in a snowy, slushy mess, did you?  Its a snowy, rainy, sleety, cars in the ditches, lots of crapola kinda day. I am home, in warm jammies, still trying to shake off the cold that is down to my bones.

SO, I decided to finish the rest of my art piece that I started last night.  I ruined it.  So, this day is just turning more wonderful!

It went from this:
Which kind of felt generic to me... needed background. 
So, I added it.  Not a good thing.  Can't erase it now...
Lesson learned.  More is not always better.   Not every piece is going to be great, but you can learn a  lesson from it.
Ready to move on from this one...
Stay tuned!

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