Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday February 28, 2016

Just some thoughts after spending the long weekend up north at Hubs' conference.  He goes to classes and I go exploring and go to galleries.  My mind gets filled with colors and shapes and ideas and a few art pieces stick out with me, but I know the rest will fade.

As I was entering an art gallery that I had driven some distance to see, I was greeted by the owner, who introduced himself and was friendly.  The building was five large rooms of all Michigan artists, and packed floor to ceiling with art.  Very nice art, I might add.  At very nice prices. That being said, about half way through this gallery, I notice that I hadn't seen any acrylic paintings. There were plenty of oils and watercolors, pottery and sculpture, mixed media, and pencils, but no acrylic.  I know that there are some purist artists that refuse to recognize acrylics, for some reason.  I found that funny because I did see collage (little, but it was there) and that is kind of a fad at the moment.

Another thought I had while going through this gallery is:  Here is all this art.  There is more here than can be displayed on all these walls.  These people also have art elsewhere.  How much will ever be sold?  How many of these pieces will their kids have to deal with after their deaths?  How can I really measure up and is it all for naught?  Then I reminded myself that I probably shouldn't worry too much.  I paint for my own pleasure, anyway.   If someone likes what I do and wants to hang some in their homes, I am extremely grateful, as there is soooo much out there to choose from! Humbling, to be sure.

I also talked well over an hour to another gallery owner about a lot of things: kids, art, babies, etc. and I was telling her about some local classes I attended on marketing your art, that mentioned that you should only show galleries ONLY ONE thing that you do.  She agreed.  She said she looks for collections.  Something within your art that is signature.  Not a painting of this, a pen and ink of that, and a piece of sculpture.She showed me one ladys work that just did HUGE florals.  One guy did 3D fish. Etc.
I may be too "all over" yet.  I get bored with one thing, and the money isn't the reason anyway, and hate to do too much of one thing. 

Then I went to the last gallery, where I found a piece of art that was just awesome to me.  It was over $600 framed up, and I don't know where I would put it, but if money were no object, it would be mine.  And you know what?  The gallery owner told me that this artist was a local artist, that taught classes and did a 'little bit of everything.'  She showed me watercolors of his, oils of his, some abstract, some realistic, some acrylic, he was all over the board, and he was GOOD at ALL OF IT!  He had paintings of whole streetscapes, some of kids on a beach, some one-item still lifes.  ALL IN THE SAME GALLERY!!  Hows about that?

Well so much for rules, eh?  I am going to continue to do what I do.  Someday there may be a gallery, maybe not.  They may not be ready for me.  

On another note, on my bucket list, and I think I have mentioned this in this blog before, I would like to design a label for wine bottles.  There was a discussion about that too, over the weekend, where the art gallery owner I spent so much time talking to, said they do that all the time there, (wine country) and I just happened to pick up a flyer for doing just that!   Wish me luck!

Oh I did pick this up over the weekend though:
It's soooo me!  I just don't want boring wine!

Stay tuned!

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