Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday OneEleven, 2015

Happy Sunday! 

A fellow firefighter that The Hubs knows, posted some pics of his back yard. (He lives up north now) It was heavily laden with snow.  He has a small shed that is dwarfed by the trees, and the sky was blue with heavy white snow clouds.  Hubs asked him if he would mind if his wife painted it, pretty much before he even asked me!  (He had showed them to me and said, "you could paint that!")  So, I guess I am!

Its a work in progress.  As I write I am waiting for paint to dry so that I can layer on the next.   I am excited!  Its a big canvas, and if I am geeked about doing it, there is no intimidation of a big blank canvas.  Its about half done.  :)

This week though, I have painted an 8x10 painting, that I THOUGHT I was done with, but I might just make an addition.  Once I decide, I will post.  I just need to make a decision.  And I hate to posts WIP's (Work In Progress) pieces because then you get duplicates, and it takes the surprise out of it.  For you as well as me. 

So, todays blog is a teaser, with promised art to follow.  Let me leave you with this, then...

Stay tuned!

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