Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday January 3, 2015

It's rainy, turning to ice outside, which just keeps me on task around the house.

I'm taking down the Christmas stuff and packing it all away.  I am running across stuff I didn't take the time to put up this year, as I just wasn't in the mood when I was decorating to do it all, so I did the minimum.   As I am packing away, I am seeing stuff in the boxes yet, that I didn't remember and saying "awww... didn't see this this year" and actually missed it.  Writing this in here to teach me that in eleven months I need to do more than the minimum, although this years putting-away job is much easier, I have enough decorations to rotate some out and in every year.
I was perusing some art facebook pages and someone suggested that for their one word this year they would find a 'symbol' about their one word and incorporate that symbol into each and every art piece this year.   What a neat idea!   Since my word is LIGHTEN, perhaps a lightbulb or a sunshine...  hmmmm.... what do you think?  It would also be a neat way of knowing how long ago you did the piece.  'Oh, there's the lightbulb, hidden right there!  Must have done this piece back in 2015!"

I saw a painting from Salvidor Dali the other day that was very different from the ones that I always recognized as his.  You know; the melting clocks and the surrealism.  Although this is surreal, it is definitely not over-the-top surreal that Dali is known for.  I would have never guessed it was his but it is probably my new favorite.
 On a funny note, you know that sinus thing I have going?  Yeah, its been a great time for it!  If you have to have an upside to being sick, I found it!  My hubby used my car and said that something must have died in my heat vent because it smelled awful!  Ha!  Didn't even notice!   Then, he also said that the farmer a couple of fields back, spread manure on his field.  This is to the west of us, and its been pretty breezy.   Didn't have a clue!   I am looking on the bright side.  I told him he had until my sinuses cleared to figure out what that dead thing was.   XP

Well, I am almost done with this packing away Christmas job, so should get back to it and get'er dun!
Stay tuned!

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