Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday January 18, 2015

Ok, here is the painting of Hubs' friends backyard, minus a trailer and some brush.  I am thinking it needs something on the left side, but I know my strengths and it isn't doing horse-like animals, like deer. But it could be something like a white birch tree.  Decisions, decisions....

This week has been fun, artsy-wise.  We went to an Ultimate Painting event.  Artists get 20 minutes to paint a 16x20 canvas.  They get voted on and then auctioned, with the winners of the competition going to a larger competition later this year.  It was lots of fun.  I went as a spectator, but next time I am wearing paint clothes and taking my brushes!

Then, yesterday I went to a local seminar on how to market your art.  This was the first of three.  We heard the information about co-op vs. gallery vs. shows.  Who pays taxes?  What forms to fill out with the state and federal governments.  All the do's and don'ts of how to apply to a gallery etc.  Although I learned that none of the artists wanted to mess with the business side of art, (we just want to do the art!) it was a necessary evil and some people have been able to make it a full time business and quit their jobs!

The second of the classes is on presentation.  The third is getting good photos of your work.  Both will require us to bring our work to be worked on.

All of this is good information.  But I have to work a full time job.  I do art for me.  If someone likes it and wants it, cool.  But its discouraging to hear all of this when I am just getting to the point of  'maybe I need to lighten up and get rid of some of the stuff piled in my artroom.'   Since the point of making art is not money with me, I think it reinforced the fact that I will probably not do shows anytime soon.  My head and life are just not there.  If I have extra time, I like to spend it enjoying painting, not half a painting and half keeping records for taxes. (one lady admitted to half her time is recordkeeping and bookwork from her art sales.)  I think I will let my kids deal with it after I am gone.  (I smile at this point envisioning a storage unit filled with canvasses and art stuff. )

Something else I did this week... started these a lonnng time ago and just decided to finish them. 
These are small 3x3 canvasses.  I think I will make more since I bought a dozen of these.  I made one for a friend whose word of the year is blessed.

Well, stay tuned...

PS: My horoscope today:  "Playing makes you feel lighter.  Being overwhelmed with too much work and pressure makes you feel heavier.  Knowing this, what can you throw over the edge of the boat  to keep yourself buoyant?"  Does that mean LIGHTER?  ;)   And  it also means, not to take another business on.  Besides, I have things to do for OTHERS coming up.  Yes, stay tuned.

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