Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6th, 2013

OK, so yesterday I promised I would post Puppy pic number 3, if it turned out.  Well, I am sending it for the auction, so I guess I feel its ok...

Today they are all getting a clear coat and getting ready to send off to the Frame Shop that is sponsoring the auction.  I hope they do well.

THEN, I am excited that I found an artsy resale shop, (Shells knows the one!) that had these, and Hubs and I sorted thru and spelled all sorts of things, but I ended up with these:  ( I think they should read this way:)
 Hubs seems to think they belong this way...  Lets take it to a vote!
Either way is fine, I guess.

Today is Sunday, and I am doing some housework, bill paying, finishing up the last straggling Christmas packings-away, and I am dressed in my paint clothes.  They are comfy, full of paint, don't care how dirty or painty I get them.  And easy to dash off a do a few strokes in the art room without having to change first.  Thank goodness Hubs understands, but I wonder if most people do: 
A few weeks ago a friend of Hubs' came to the door to see him, and when he got a load of me dressed like this, asked what I was painting.  I said, "I have a couple things going in the art room".
He looked disgusted and remarked that 'maybe I could maybe get a little paint on the canvas once in a while', or something to that effect.
I'm going to let him slide.
Yes, I have had these paint clothes for some time.  I have winter and summer paint clothes.  They have been used for painting, wallpapering and painting again at my house, friends houses, Moms house and creative things like countless canvasses and murals.  I can show you on the sweat pants that I have on, that I painted THAT color at so-and-so's house.  And that pink right there, was the little girls bedroom mural I did.  And that color right there, and there and there is where the paint bottle exploded on me. lol.  OK, so I get into my work.  Shoot me.
These clothes are kind of a proof of battle for me.  They are like my portfolio of things I have done to make this world more beautiful in one way or another.
So Mr!  You have never seen my work, nor do you realize that they wouldn't exist if I was a couch potato.  I don't shy from hard work, and these clothes prove that.
Sometimes when you paint, you have to walk away from it for awhile.  Let it dry.  Get away and see how you feel about it in a half hour.  I scrub something or clean something or do something else while that happens.  I am sorry that you felt I should be in top notch order to answer my door.  You can either call next time, or get over it.  (Probably get over it, because even if you call, I wouldn't change.)
There. I got that out. I don't tell the story to put the guy down. Really, I don't.  I am grateful for friends who come into my house and understand me for what I am.  I look at my paint clothes differently than just being a mess, and want to thank everyone who can understand that.  And might be able to identify with it.  Yep, I can be a mess.  But hopefully, I have embellished this world a little in my life. 
Thank you for listening! 

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