Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013

Everyone that does art finds a time where they should have quit way before they did.  I did this over the last week.  I started a painting just for the heck of it.  Just to paint.  I was happy with how it was going, when I got to thinking about some Heavy Body paints that someone gave me.
I have never used Heavy Body paints before, and gee, maybe it would help me bring out that wavy area I am trying to accomplish... well, this is it:

Not too bad, I guess, but then I started really playing with it.  And whatever I liked in this one, is now gone.  Maybe never to be found again. 

I always upload a pic of my work to be able to see it with a different eye... I usually see things that I don't see when my nose is a foot away from it.  Sometimes I view it upside down. Whatever works.

But I wish I could go back to this point again.  Dang. 

Make me feel better... tell me about the last time you did this. 

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