Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday July, 2014

This week went quick!

I went to get the matte picked out for the Vintage car.  Seems the one I liked is one of the only ones they DON'T carry.  Figures! So, we had to order it, and it will be here in two weeks. Found the frame, too. It will be pretty when its done.  Hope it brings good $$ for the Alzheimers Walk. 

I found a perfect frame on a clearance rack for the Bonsai that I finished for the exhibition in Sept!!

And once we got home from a family reunion yesterday we both crashed.  I took my sketchpad out on the deck and did this before the sun went down, from a pic on the web that was making the rounds on Facebook.  I did try to see who I should ask about it, but if anyone knows, please let me know.  It was just tooo cute!

I did request, and was granted permission, to use a photo of some barn swallows in this lady's barn.  I had to buy a special canvas today to accomodate it.  That's probably next.  Stay tuned!

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