Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday Feb 1, 2017

I am taking a watercolor class.  I wanted to try it.  Watercolor is a whole different animal and I think I need to be more water and less pigment because I am painting like an acrylic artist, not the pretty watery colors that are watercolors.  See for yourself:

Not to mention those little tubes of paint won't last long the way I am going.  Oh well.  Tomorrow night is critique and we'll see if they are as hard on me as I am on myself.

Happy Chinese New Year, by the way.  Did you know its the year of the Rooster? I have done a couple of roosters, (see this blog for pics) for other people of course, but when I tried to do one for myself...
I got one pissed off chicken!  I wanted to do one of those cool multi colored, free flowing birds, like what these artists did:
 I didn't want to copy them, so I did them by memory.  Granted its been MONTHS since I saw these, so I winged it. (no pun intended) lol...  you would even think I might have been in a bad mood that day, eh? Nope.

So, a work-in-progress... or I will gesso it over.

The artist reception went well.  We had a small but nice exhibition and crowd.
Well, stay tuned.  

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