Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

**Whispers ** I believe we are out of the Polar vortex now.  I don't want to jinx it because the last time I said something like that, it did a U turn and came back!

We actually have rumors of it getting up to 50 next week!  Bring on the mud and keep the pumps runnin'!  Sheesk!

Anyways, my team at work always put out Valentine boxes and we write little things or give little presents to each other.  Yeah, I know we did that in elementary school, but its nice to give and receive like that.

This year, I made a "Book of Love" for each of the girls:

Made from a block of 2x4, some matte board scraps, duct tape and stickers.  On the inside of the front cover was a special sticker.  They were fun to make and I didn't have to buy a single thing! BONUS!

Last night was the Bra Art Auction from 6-8, and I had to leave at 8 before my piece was cut off from the bidding.  I really love the fact that my donation of art will help the local Womens Health Care Center and that this event was PACKED last night.  And on a personal note, I feel good that the first bid was at 60!  For someone to think it should START there is very much a compliment.

I didn't end up putting in the second piece because of the frame.  But it'll be ready for next year.

On another note, I was online and found a pic of a turtle coming out of its shell, so I thought I would try it.  I thought it was a photoshopped photo, but now that I have been looking at it, it might just be a painting.  I will have to go back to where I saw it to see for sure, but here is my rendition...
I thought it kinda looked a little more like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and my Great Nephew liked it very much, so I let him name him... he picked Turbo.  So, here is Turbo as a work in progress.

The Journal 52 challenge is again behind with then new prompt due tomorrow. This week is something about Love letters.  Now I feel like I can finally formulate the ideas running around in my head.
Last week was "building character" and I just slapped something down, thinking I could refine it later, but it hasn't happened yet.  But thats the problem with wanting to do something and doing it because you have to.  I usually do better when I have direction but if there is something else on the horizon....?

Just not thrilled with how this is working out... will have to sleep on it.

Stay tuned...

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